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Agatha van der Mijn (13 May 1700 – 1776/1796), was an 18th-century flower painter from the Northern Netherlands lithe in London.

She was the younger sister of the painter Herman van der Mijn, and next her niece Cornelia bookish to paint flowers from him. The poet Willem van Swaanenburg (1678 – 1728) published a LP of poems “Parnas” in 1724 that included a poem in praise of her 18th birthday professing his undying adore for her and mentioning her as “a magical goddess of painter flowers”. Since this poem shows that she was already alert as a flower artist before 1718, it is feasible that she accompanied her brother as soon as he took his relations and the relations of his pupil Jacoba Maria van Nickelen to Dusseldorp in 1712-1713 to discharge duty for Johann Wilhelm, Elector Palatine. The flower painter Rachel Ruysch was also responsive in Dusseldorp in the years 1712-1716 and Agatha’s work, along in the reveal of that of Nickelen and her niece Cornelia van der Mijn whatever show a similar style. In 1722 Herman van der Mijn moved to London taking into consideration his associates and she accompanied him. Herman died a year after his son Robert sank through the ice at Marylebone in 1740 while ice-skating.

In 1808 Edward Edwards wrote the once in a piece about her nephew, Herman’s son Frank: “Beside Frank, there were two supplementary artists of the thesame name, R. and A. Vandermine, both of whom were joined to the former. One of them painted for the shops, and there are many offend pictures of an Old Man, in a loose coat and hair cap, hugging a sack of money, which were painted, by one of these artists. The wife of one of them was plus of the profession : She painted fruit and flowers, and they were everything exhibitors at the Society’s Rooms in the Strand, in the years 1761 and 1762.”.

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