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Albert Alexandrovich Bakun (russian:Альберт Александрович Бакун) 21 August 1946.Russian painter. Member of art work Hermitage.

Albert Bakun was born upon August 21, 1946 in workers associates in Vyborg near Léningrad.

1951-1962: Attended the Fine Arts Studio of Vyborg .

1962-1967: Entered into and graduated from the Tauride (nowadays named after Nicholas Roerich) Leningrad Art School (LAS), the Faculty of Painting and Pedagogy.

1964: Having been referred by the LAS started to work upon his own at the State Hermitage Museum . The first pretense was the reasoned interpretation of replica of the Pergamon Altar.

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1967-1973: Educated at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, Faculty of art and Technical Editing, Graphic Artist speciality area.

1968: Class Pedagogue, Alexander Pavlovich Zaytsev, recommended a young artiste to Grigory Yakovlevich Dlugach1 for extra studies of analytical painting in the State Hermitage.

1969-1998: Became a aficionada of the Hermitage Group, participated in anything the exhibitions of the Group in Russia and abroad. Produced 32 methodical replications of the Old Masters of the Hermitage collection.

1993-2012: Continues to study on his own the descent of the Old Masters at the State Hermitage.

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