19 facts about Andrei Kolkoutine

Andrei Kolkoutine (Russian: Андрей Колкутин born in 1957, in Smolyaninovo, Primorsky Krai) is a Russian artist. In 1982 Kolkoutine graduated at the Repin Academy of Arts in Leningrad, named after Ilya Repin. Currently Kolkoutine lives in southern Russia in the town of Nalchik. He belongs to the art group ” FOSTER BROTHERS ” together in the space of two other well-known artists – Andrey Efi and Eugeny Lindin. The medium of his paintings is usually oil on canvas, but Kolkoutine after that made a few sculptures and graphic works. Besides Russia, Kolkoutine has made exhibitions in Denmark, Germany, France and other European countries as skillfully as the United States.

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