Who is Antonio Diego Voci?

By Gwylym Owen

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Antonio Diego Voci (VOH-chee 1920–1985) was an internationally collected Italian figurative performer with the largest outfit of owners of his works residing in Switzerland, England, Germany, Italy, Canada and the US; as with ease as various works scattered the world over. Although until the dissolve of time drawing or painting from childhood to the morning he succumbed to lung cancer, Diego’s most productive epoch was the last quarter century of his cartoon which began next he met Helga Drössler in January 1960 in Paris. A significant turning narrowing in Diego’s career, Diego said, “My liveliness took upon new meaning. I became more.” Helga who became Diego’s wife, lover, best buddy and confidant, published seven chapters of her life with Diego upon Artifact Collectors. Within those 25 abundant years Diego created 4000 oils, mostly upon canvas, and many thousands of drawings.

“Each pursuit had its great masters, but there are enormously few who could Make art unconfined by a single style in the ventilate of Diego.” – Christopher Voci

Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, and Fauvism everything experienced the hand of Diego Voci who was fascinated by the beauty and inscrutability of the point and figure, whether the female body nude or in ballet, or the etched lines of life’s hardships in an antiquated man’s face, or the grace and skill of the horse. Diego’s versatility was his strength. Diego not only axiom and realized human frailty, the want and painful feeling of the human to be something more, seeking but not to find; but moreover he understood man’s animal instinct to overpower, offset by the object’s instinct to resist.

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