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Bobbie Oliver (born 1943) is a Canadian American abstract painter. Her way of creating abstract paintings is by responding to the process and the materials she uses (acrylic paint). She is open to the assistance that occurs gone she relinquishes control. The results may seem subsequent to maps of a technical land, others resemble walls stained by epoch and accident. Her method of rubbing, smudging and blotting creates what she calls a universe, full of drifting atmosphere.

After distressing to New York from London in 1971, she worked for Isamu Noguchi and La Monte Young. In the 1980s she taught painting at Princeton University, the School of Visual Arts, NY, the Banff School of Arts, Canada and The Rhode Island School of Design where she served as a Tenured Professor of Painting and Chair of Painting (1982-1983 and 2006-2008). She then taught at the National College of Art in Lahore, Pakistan and the Rhode Island School of Design in Rome, Italy.

In the 1980s, she worked going on for as a sculptor, building sculpture-like wall reliefs bearing in mind thick grounds of wax upon plywood which she incised with simple geometric forms. By 1999, when a exploit of her work, Nameless Waters: the paintings of Bobbie Oliver 1993-1998, curated by the University of Waterloo Art Gallery, Waterloo, Canada travelled across Canada, her pretentiousness of painting looked more amorphous, while remaining the similar in procedure, a delving into the material she used for paint suitably that her art was what remained.

In 1999, her painting looked as soon as water with purposeless shapes. From 2005 on her paintings became more expressionistic. They were built happening from layers of opaque washes into lustrous monochromes of soggy depth which suggested movement. One critic suggested that her influences might be the dream-like works of Surrealism but Oliver said, as always, that these works reflected her own hand operating with the material. In 2015, a critic said of her function of mostly green paintings at Valentine Gallery in New York that the tonal operate and shapes recalled shadows and reflections, or clouds and sheets of rain. In 2019, a feint titled Residuals, of blue paintings created from 2017 to 2019 was shown at High Noon Gallery in New York. They revealed the process by which she made them but spectators and critics persisted in finding images in them.

She has exhibited in New York at High Noon Gallery, Hionas Gallery, Feature Gallery, Showroom, Valentine Gallery as competently as having solo shows in Toronto at the Olga Korper Gallery (her long-term dealer), in Los Angeles at the Jancar Gallery and in Laguna Beach at The George Gallery.

Oliver lives and works during the winters in New York City and during the summers in a converted church in Rock Valley, New York, which she and her husband, Frank Kitchens, have renovated.

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