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Boris Vladimirovich Ioganson (Russian: Борис Владимирович Иогансон, 25 July [O.S. 13 July] 1893 – 25 February 1973) was a Russian and Soviet painter.

Ioganson was born in Moscow. His father’s Swedish ancestors russified the surname “Johansson” into “Ioganson”. Ioganson attended the Moscow School of Art and studied below Kasatkin and Malyutin. He was a enthusiast of the Society of Young Artists, where he argued for a unqualified transference of Russian art to Constructivism. He soon on your own this cause and took happening easel painting. In 1922, he helped found the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia, and abruptly transferred into the realm of Socialist Realism. Ioganson’s accomplishment was inspired by that of Repin, that is exhibiting certain features of Impressionism, and was often narrative in nature. Possibly his best-known action was “Interrogation of the Communists” a piece thoroughly representative of Socialist Realism but considering piercing elements of Romanticism, in supplement to an molest of some elements of Futurism. A sense of theatricity is gift in his paintings, probably due to his studies of theater design under Korovin.

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Some graduates of Ilya Repin Leningrad Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture studied in Boris Ioganson Workshop (1930-1950s): Alexey Eriomin, Nikolai Baskakov, Valery Vatenin, Nina Veselova, Maya Kopitseva, Oleg Lomakin, Valentina Monakhova, Nikolai Mukho, Anatoli Nenartovich, Mikhail Natarevich, Semion Rotnitsky, Mikhail Trufanov, Yuri Tulin, and Felix Lembersky.

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