Who is Catherine Everett?

The Honourable A. Catherine Everett, formerly a consider of the Provincial Court of Manitoba, was appointed to the Family Division of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Manitoba upon November 23, 2006. She replaced Madam Justice S.J. Guertin Riley, who elected to become a supernumerary judge.

Madam Justice Everett time-honored a Master of Laws in 1993 from Duke University and a Bachelor of Laws in 1980 and a Bachelor of Arts in 1977 from the University of Manitoba. She was admitted to the Bar of Manitoba in 1981. Before mammal appointed to the Provincial Court in 1998, she practised taking into account the Family Law Branch of the Manitoba Department of Justice (1981–1989), and then following the Manitoba Crown Prosecutor’s Office (1990–1998). As a lawyer, Madam Justice Everett’s talent was in the areas of family work and criminal law. Madam Justice Everett, a founder of the Prairie Fire Rowing Club. While there is no public evidence Cathryn was an actual share this club, it ran for 5 years prior to her living thing appointed as a consider and, once landing this position, she ended whatever her involvement next this club.

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