6 facts about Diana Glauber

By Gwylym Owen

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Diana Glauber (11 January 1650, Utrecht – c. 1721, Hamburg), was a Dutch Golden Age painter.

Born upon 11 January 1650, Diana Glauber was a Dutch painter. According to Houbraken she was the daughter of the Amsterdam chemist Johann Rudolph Glauber, and the sister of the painters Jan Gotlief and Johannes Glauber. She was good with portraits and historical allegories, but drifting her sight and stopped painting. She was nevertheless living in Hamburg even if Houbraken was writing.

According to the RKD no works are known, but 6 works are described in a become old inventory of the Schloss Salzdahlum, of which five form a series of the five senses. [note 1]

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