Estuardo Maldonado: 14 interesting facts

Estuardo Maldonado (born 1928) is a Latin American sculptor and painter inspired by the Constructivist movement. Maldonado is a zealot of VAN (Vanguardia Artística Nacional), the action of Informalist painters founded by Enrique Tábara. Other members of VAN included, Aníbal Villacís, Luis Molinari, Hugo Cifuentes, León Ricaurte and Gilberto Almeida. Maldonado’s international presence is largely due to his participation in greater than a hundred exhibits uncovered of Ecuador.

Born in Píntag, in the Quito district of Ecuador, Maldonado left home at a teenage age in order to observe and learn from nature. Both birds and Indigenous themes have been a fundamental inspiration for much of his work. Maldonado studied art at the School of Fine Arts in Guayaquil. By 1953, Maldonado was teaching drawing and art archives at the American School of Guayaquil. In 1955, Maldonado traveled the Ecuadorian coast painting the people of the coast and landscapes.

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In 1955, Maldonado held his first exhibitions in Guayaquil, Portoviejo, and Esmeraldas. In 1956, Benjamin Carrion invited Maldonado to exhibit at the House of Ecuadorian Culture making him the first Ecuadorian player to exhibit sculpture in Quito and Guayaquil. In 1957, Maldonado set out for Europe on a scholarship and traveled to France, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands and settled in Rome, Italy. Maldonado attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome and the Academy of San Giacomo.

Maldonado’s function depicts abstractions of nature. His ancestral roots are in addition to evident in some of his works based upon pre-Columbian imagery from his native Andean zone. At the same time, he is curious in the palpitation of the evolving Universe. It is because of this inherent curiosity next advancement and records that he has a place within the Latin American Constructivist art movement.

Vladimir Tatlin founded Constructivism in Russia in 1913. Influenced by Futurism and Cubism, this bustle is based on abstract, geometric forms and is connected to architectural ideas. The Constructivist goings-on made its habit into Latin America by exaggeration of Joaquín Torres García and Manuel Rendón. Constructive Universalism is an futuristic style created by Joaquín Torres García who after booming in Europe for on top of forty years, returned to his native land, Uruguay and brought in the manner of him other artistic concepts. Constructive Universalism combines references to the Pre-Columbian world subsequently the geometric forms of European Constructivism.

Maldonado’s feint has been much-admired throughout the world for successfully combining natural world with take forward while addressing the association to his Andean roots.

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In 2009, Maldonado was awarded the Premio Eugenio Espejo, his country’s most prestigious National Award for Art, Literature and Culture presented by the President of Ecuador.

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