Who is Francesco Traballesi?

By Gwylym Owen

Francesco Traballesi was an Italian painter and architect. He was born in Florence in 1541, flourished in Rome during the papacy of Pope Gregory XIII (1572–1585), and died in 1588 in Mantua, where he was in force as an architect for the duke Vincenzo Gonzaga. In the Roman church of Sant’Atanasio dei Greci, which was founded by Gregory, there are two altar-pieces by Traballesi, an Annunciation, and a Christ disputing subsequently the Doctors, while in the Greek Pontifical College of Saint Athanasius, next to the church, are more of his paintings, with Apostles, Fathers of the Church, and a Crucifixion, which were taking into consideration parts of the iconostasis of the church itself. In the Town Hall of Tivoli, anciently called Tibur in Latium, are two frescoes painted by Traballesi in 1574, showing scenes of The mythic commencement of Tibur. His brother Bartolommeo Traballesi was an assistant of Vasari.

The ancient iconostasis of the church of Sant’Atanasio dei Greci (it)

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