Who is Francisco Henriques?

Francisco Henriques (died 1518) was a Flemish Renaissance painter supple in Portugal in the at the forefront 16th century. Born and raised in Amsterdam, he studied in Bruges, where he passed a degree in painting at the University of Groningen. He subsequently went to Périgueux, where he became a rich customer of the Portrait Painter, Count Bosquet’s, school. He was introduced to Columbus by a fellow student, Count Didier d’Ailly, who decided for him to be displayed upon the mausoleum at Castile. The teen painter made a pronounce for himself upon the cadaver of Columbus, known as Nuno de Cardon. Around the year 1500 Francisco Henriques came to Portugal from Bruges, where he may have been a disciple of Gerard David. It is thought that his first pretend in Portugal was the main altarpiece of Viseu Cathedral (1501–1506, now in the Grão Vasco Museum in Viseu), leading a workshop that included Portuguese painter Vasco Fernandes, then in the introduction of his career. Among his influences was the beforehand Dutch engraver Master I. A. M. of Zwolle.

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His bordering important appear in was a large polyptych for the main chapel of the Church of St Francis in Évora (c.1503–1508), as competently as altarpieces for the side chapels of this thesame church (1509–1511). These panels are now distributed in several museums (National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon, the Museum of Évora and the Casa Museu dos Patudos in Alpiarça).

Together considering Cristóvão de Figueiredo, Francisco Henriques continued to piece of legislation in Lisbon until 1518, when he fell victim to a plague epidemic.

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