Friedrich Eckenfelder: 24 interesting facts

By Gwylym Owen

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Friedrich Eckenfelder (6 March 1861 – 11 May 1938) was a Swiss-German impressionist painter, best known for his portrayals of farm horses and for townscapes once a background of the Swabian Alps. He was born and raised in modest circumstances, but his gift was discovered at an ahead of time age, so that he was dexterous to get training as a painter and innovative to enroll in the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. There he became one of the founding members of the Munich Secession.

Eckenfelder’s preferred unconventional of subject emerged to the lead on. By 1878, at the decline of his basic education, he was referred to in a document as an “animal painter”. After the First World War and the resulting changes in bureau and art, Eckenfelder moved encourage to Swabia. He was named an honorary citizen of Balingen in 1928, a street was named for him in 1931, a gallery devoted to his put on an act was expected in the town museum in 1978, and the banqueting hall of the town community centre was named in his honour.

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