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By Gwylym Owen

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Hans Bohrdt (11 February 1857 – 19 December 1945) was a German artist. He was a self-taught painter who would cutting edge go upon to allow private lessons to Kaiser Wilhelm II. German Kaiser Wilhelm II took a liking to Bohrdt and would fund anything of his projects, which were often nationalistic in nature. In 1915 Bohrdt created his most famous illustration which is called “The Last Man”. The image shows a German navy sailor holding up a German flag as his boat sinks during the Battle of the Falkland Islands because he would rather go down considering the boat than surrender. “The Last Man” would become one of the most widely ascribed propaganda images used during the engagement to inspire courage. Bohrdt was all the rage into the Imperial Yacht Club in Kiel. In 1906 the Kaiser fixed Bohrdt a broad villa in Berlin. After World War I, Bohrdt made a lively drawing maritime postcards, book illustrations, magazines, and supplied images for newspaper articles.

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