Heinrich Dreber: life and works

By Gwylym Owen

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Heinrich Dreber, known as Franz-Dreber (9 January 1822, in Dresden – 3 August 1875, in Anticoli Corrado), was a German landscape painter.

Living in the home of a explanation whose name Franz he adopted, he frequented the Academy of his native city, and afterwards the studio of Ludwig Richter. After he had gained the gold medal, he resided for some time in Munich, and in the spring of 1843 went as exhibitioner of the Dresden Academy to Rome, where he became a devotee of the Academy of St. Luke, and spent roughly speaking the entire remainder of his life. His psychiatry of Italian natural world had the greatest influence on his works, and at the thesame time the proclaim made upon him by advanced French landscape painters increased his want to get devotion of a soft mixture of colours.

He died in Anticoli di Campagna, near Rome, in 1875. His pictures, which were exhibited together in 1876 in the National Gallery at Berlin, are later than few exceptions in the hands of private persons; there are two in the Berlin Gallery — a ‘Landscape, with the Hunting of Diana,’ and ‘An Autumn Morning in the Sabine Mountains.’

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