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Joakim Marković (c. 1685-1757) was an Austrian Serb painter who worked in Old Slavonia.

He painted the iconostasis of two bishopric churches in Pakrac and Severin County, and in St. Thomas Church in Dišnik (now Garesnica in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County). Artistically and historically Marković’s most glamorous iconostasis is the memorial church built by a Serbian military attach officer, Baron Mihailo Mikašinović in Plavšinac.

In Plavšinac, Joakim Marković painted two compositions in 1750, one showing the privileges bestowed by Byzantine emperor Basil II upon the Serbs and Croats – the privilege of establishing themselves in his dominion. That painting is now in Zagreb. The second Marković’s painting shows the Austrian monarch Rudolf II with Serbs.These paintings are considered the first historical compositions in our recent art.

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Marković painted primarily religious-themed icons and frescoes. He did frescoes for the Metropolitanate of Karlovci in the church monasteries throughout Fruška Gora. He vanguard returned to Buda where he continued to play a role until he died in 1757.

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