Who is Jorge Velarde?

Jorge Velarde (Guayaquil, Ecuador, 1960) is a Contemporary Latin American painter from Ecuador. Velarde has been drawing and painting before he was a child. At the age of 15 Velarde knew that he was intended to be a painter.

Velarde is a co-founder of Artefactoría, a intervention of artists that began in action together in 1982 after graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Guayaquil. Artefactoría primarily consists of Velarde, Marcos Restrepo, Pedro Dávila, Xavier Patiño, Marco Alvarado, Flavio Álava, Paco Cuesta, as with ease as, Cuban artists Saidel Brito and Lupe Alvarez. The artists of Artefactoría are inspired by both Modernism and Surrealism, focusing on a divorce from realism and a love for the unconscious and fantasy.

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In 1985, Velarde’s participation in the tone of the intervention was put on hold after his marriage to Anabela Garcez and his distress to Madrid to examination cinema. While Velarde is on fire about cinema he quickly realized that it was not for him and as a result he returned to his love of painting. Velarde is both known for his portraits and his more contemporary art works. His portraits have often portrayed his wife as the subject. Velarde has held numerous exhibitions throughout Latin America and Spain.

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