Who is Juan de la Abadía?

Juan de la Abadia (fl. 15th century) was a marrano who engaged in a project to subvert the Inquisition in Aragon; failing in this, he joined in a Plan to assassinate the inquisitor Pedro de Arbués, who was wounded upon September 15, 1485, and died two days later. De la Abadia was apprehended, and, according to Heinrich Graetz, committed suicide in prison. However, Meyer Kayserling states that his attempt at suicide was unsuccessful, and that he was drawn, quartered, and consigned to the flames.

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12px PD icon.svg This article incorporates text from a notice now in the public domain: Singer, Isidore; et al., eds. (1901–1906). “Juan de la Abadia”. The Jewish Encyclopedia. New York: Funk & Wagnalls.

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