Who is M. A. Yewdale?

M. A. “Mer” Yewdale (1908–2000) was an to the front 20th-century, West Coast Canadian investor and origin artist, who created prolifically, with a bold and colourful palette. Producing an broad array of several hundred artworks during her lifetime, she preferred to breathing a enthusiasm of modesty and reclusiveness. She created her own spacious gardens, lived in the embrace of a natural wooded hillside forest, and wild creeks, and was unconditionally and naturally, drawn into perfect harmony behind her environment. She championed the voice of plants in a rapport that resonated behind an intuitive kinship and ablaze articulation of her subjects, no matter what the medium or genre, and was respected and cherished by those few who knew her as, “a national treasure”.

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In 1999, Yewdale was heralded by Canadian art icons, Jack Shadbolt and Doris Shadbolt, as visceral the Cézanne/Monet of Canada, in a letter to the Mayor of the City of Burnaby, British Columbia.

She graduated from the original Vancouver School of Art (1957–1961) and from the University of British Columbia (1963–1965) majoring in Fine Arts and philosophy, and culminating in a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

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