Master of Castelsardo: 12 cool facts

The Master of Castelsardo was a painter alert in Sardinia at the fall of the 15th and the beginning of the sixteenth century. His state comes from a painting of the Madonna and Child currently in the cathedral of Castelsardo; other than that, the Master’s identity is unknown: he has been allied by some either similar to Gioacchino Cavaro, a Sardinian performer from Cagliari, or once Martì Tornèr, a Majorcan performer of Valencian descent.

His involve appears to be primarily Catalan and he perhaps started painting in Barcelona roughly speaking 1490; some scholars have identified him bearing in mind Gioacchino Cavaro, though others difference of opinion this. His additional works included the retablos in the church of St. Peter at Tuili (executed in the company of 1489 and 1500), in the church of Santa Rosalia at Cagliari, the Trinity Retablo (like the previous one, originally commissioned for the Frasciscan convent at Tallano, in Corsica, now in the basilica of Saccargia).

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