Max Magnus Norman: life and works

By Gwylym Owen

Cal Henrik Max Magnus Norman (born July 30, 1973) is a Swedish artist, painter, and sculptor.

Norman was born in Sundsvall, Medelpad, he currently resides in Prague. He paints visions and dreamlike images as smoothly as possible, which results in paintings taking into account a photorealistic quality.[citation needed] His works are meant to take forward virally in the middle of social networks on the Internet; his art and turns in the air often agreement with everyday deeds spiced in the works with a be neighboring to of the absurd.

A few examples of such works created for the Internet are the illustrated essay “The LED (minor) Artcrime Tutorial” and the Moose graffiti stunt, where the performer sneaks up on a wild moose and paints graffiti upon it. His sculpture and plastic arts projects have time-honored some exposure to air in Sweden, such as his art project that consisted of a woodpecker placed on a traffic camera on the E4 close Stockvik. In other of Max Magnus Norman’s art projects the artist created an unknown (but huge) number of plastic monkeys, about 1 metres in length. One night in to the front May 2009 he put happening these monkeys in every other settings all over the small city Sundsvall. One monkey was riding a crocodile in the center of the central stream Selångersån and one was placed on a traffic open making it see like the monkey controlled the traffic, some monkeys were even placed below water. A few of these monkeys yet remain, amongst additional one above ground 20 metres taking place in the air, holding a beer can above the intersection Köpmangatan-Thulegatan.

In 2008, a statue of his, “Kuken ska ha sitt,” which includes a 30 cm. long penis, caused some local outcry which was noticed by the Swedish press: the “obscene sculpture” drew publication and commentary from the two largest Swedish papers, Aftonbladet and Expressen. As it happened, Norman’s sculpture coincided with a few other “phallic” Swedish works of art that year, including a full-frontal nude Jesus; the fact that Norman’s sculpture was provided as soon as a rebuke for the youngster enhanced its reputation, as without difficulty as that of the artist.

In 2014 Max Magnus Norman published the book Magnum Opus (2014,ISBN 91-7517-609-2) where he describes how he unsought managed to Make The Philosopher’s Stone. The book, written in Swedish, is built happening as a manual on how to attain spiritual and living thing enlightenment, layered gone self biographical anecdotes. The folder is written past serious intent and established a few positive reviews in Sweden.

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