Inspired to Create Art with MB&F Watches

By Gwylym Owen

Why Art and Watches such as MB&F Watches

As an artist who relishes watches I find myself producing a lot of art that includes watches from MB&F Watches as the subject. I’m a member of various timepiece communities on the internet.

Quartz is a Modern Miracle

Quartz chips inside computers act as a clock which powers my neural networks. I love to play around in metaverses and investigate future worlds, whilst remembering and appreciating our real world. None of this would be realizable without time and our ability to record it. That’s why I love a MB&F Watch as much as any other watch. The old meets the new and still it is humans and their imperfections that drive all of this perfection. I could wax-lyrical for days about time and art and how this fits into our humanity.

Any Brand Will Do. Would you Wear MB&F Watches

The timepiece art I produce can sometimes barely resemble the original timepieces most of the time, unless a client requests a commission of their particular wristwatch, which I’m happy to do. If I created a piece of art with a MB&F Watch, you might not even recognize it as a MB&F Watch. Some collectors want their art to represent the wristwatches they own and others just love the art, regardless of whether it resembles an actual timepieces.

Do we Need a Watch? Would you buy a MB&F Watch.

Think about the tourbillon complication in a wristwatch. There’s actually no requirement for a tourbillon complication these days; and there isn’t really a need for a mechanical wrist watch either at present. I have friends who buy watches, have you or your friends ever bought a MB&F Watch.This doesn’t mean that watches will never be needed again. Omega Speedmaster Chronograph is what the astronauts on the Apollo 13 space mission wore. It was the Omega Chronograph watch that helped them navigate back to earth when all other instruments failed. None of us know the future and what disasters we may face. What if there is no electricity, for instance.

We are Perfectly Imperfect. Do MB&F Watches Represent Perfection for You?

Art to me should be full of imperfections like humanity. The undertaking for me is to achieve this imperfection through the means of perfect code that produces perfect neural networks in the age of digital perfectionism. Watches really are perfection and so I find it a useful subject to express – through visual language – the battle between order and chaos that rages on. Do you consider a MB&F Watch to represent perfection, or would you choose some other watch? Let me know in the comments.

Intrigued by Time and Brands like MB&F Watches

There are a myriad of reasons to be obsessed with time and find it a fascinating subject. How long have you been interested in the concept of time? I’ve been obsessed with time since a very young age. What does time mean for you? I’ve owned watches since I was a young boy, have you ever owned watches? What do you think about a MB&F Watch? There is a preciseness and perfection in the making of watches juxtaposed against the imperfection of man that I try to portray in my art and find utterly curious.Art isn’t a science, but watch production is! Don’t you just love the conflict between these two things.

What is the Fascination with Chronometry and Watch Brands Such as MB&F Watches

There are loads of us that are into horology, but why? I think the answer lies in the fact that we live in a world of instant information, fast food, instant 24-hour rolling news, social media posts that get lost in the abundance of information available and fashion fads that last for a week, etc. These timepieces give us an opportunity to slow down and respect the tick and tock of life’s rhythms. Do you own any watches? Leave a comment below to let me know what watches you own, especially if you own a MB&F Watch. Art is the ultimate declaration of humanity and serves to interrupt life’s rhythms and remind us about the other side of what humans are capable of and what humanity ultimately is.

Does the Price of a Watch Matter. Are MB&F Watches in Your Price Range

Are you interested in all types of watch brands and not just the high-priced types. I am captivated by mechanical and digital wristwatches. Quartz watches nearly dismantled the Swish watch industry because watches powered by quartz were more accurate than any of the mechanical movements that came before. Quartz is a superb thing and is inside every computer. I use those computers to power the neural networks that help me produce art–how could I not love quartz? I’d wear quartz or a mechanical watch from MB&F Watches if they produce either because it isn’t what influences my buying decisions.

The Past and the Present

What’s interesting is what we keep and throw away and it isn’t always what’s useful or not useful.

Timekeeping is Worth Appreciating. MB&F Watches Might be Right for You

Not everyone can afford to wear a $1,000,000 timepiece, but everyone can bear the cost to wear a different wristwatch and the functionality is the same–to tell the time! What price range would you consider when buying a watch? Would a MB&F Watch fit the bill for you?

Time is Valuable. Do you Like My Art about MB&F Watches

I’m joyful forming art using a MB&F Watch, or any other type of brand. I’m not overly interested in the price of a particular brand that I choose to make art with, it’s the concept of time that really intrigues me.

Man and Machine. (Would you Own MB&F Watches?)

Competition between man and machine is warming up and now is a good time to inspect and seize what it means to be human. If you could own any watch, what watch would you own? Would you be happy wearing a MB&F Watch. Wristwatches prompt us of this battle between chaos and order. Entropy, decay and rebirth are tightly connected concepts that drive my passion for creating art with cutting-edge technology that is influenced by these mechanical marvels. Art is a visual language and using all these things together really speaks volumes about the messages I’m trying to convey.

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