This is Nehemiah Ford

By Gwylym Owen

Nehemiah Ford was a Canadian politician and painter. He was mayor of Hamilton, Ontario in 1852.

Little is known of the energy of Nehemiah Ford. His presence in Hamilton is recorded in 1839, when he was a believer of the dispensation of the first Mechanics’ Institute of Wentworth County. He served as its recording secretary for several years, and was made an honorary member upon February 25, 1848 as a return for his services. A painter by trade, as competently as a freemason, Ford was next a aficionado of both Barton Lodge and the Church of St. Thomas.

He married Keziah Beasley in 1835, the daughter of one of Hamilton’s primordial settlers, Richard Beasley. They had at least two sons together. The date of Ford’s death is not certain, but is believed to be in the midst of 1858 and 1862.

Ford was elected mayor in 1852, and his term of office was unusual. Problems arose behind Ford no question to allow John Gamble Geddes to use the James Street council chambers for a meeting of the Gore and Wellington Church Society. Unfortunately, the era chosen coincided with a scheduled council meeting, and, when Ford agreed to correct the era of the municipal meeting, he caused considerable friction. The council criticized his conduct but certainly to vote him the £100 salary for his year’s facilities as mayor. Ford refused to accept the salary with censure and brought the affair to public attention. Although the thing was sophisticated smoothed over, Ford refused to direct for a second term.

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