8 facts about Pavel Petrović

Pavle Petrović also variously spelled Pavel Petrovits, Paul Petrovits, Paulus Petrovitz, Paulus Petrovits and Pablo Petrovits (Serbian: Павел Петровић: Timișoara, Habsburg Monarchy, now part of Romania, 1818 – Rome, Kingdom of Italy, 14 June 1887) was a Serbian painter. He can be considered accompanied by the first 19th-century European-trained painters who approved to make a breathing by traveling for forty-year across everything continents, leaving portraits behind him that appropriate the best of European Romanticism of the time. His works can be found in museums and private collections in Serbia, Romania, England, India, China, the United States of America, Hawaii, Chile, Peru, Canada, Australia, Egypt, and Italy.

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While travelling to Australia in April 1881, Petrović’s second wife, Elizabeth, suddenly took her own life. Police chief Frederick Standish investigated suicide and found no foul play, though that incident didn’t End the sensational press from spreading slanderous rumours overseas that would haunt Petrović’s reputation for years to come, eventually contributing to his marginalization altogether.

In the beginning, Petrović was not Famous in his country of extraction until Serbian art historian Miodrag Marković began in 2015 researching his vivaciousness and work.

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