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By Gwylym Owen

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Peder Pedersen Aadnes (10 August 1739 – 20 June 1792) was a Norwegian rural painter.

Aadnes was born in Odnes in Fluberg. Unusually for a rural painter, he chose typical upper-class subjects for his repertoire. He decorated churches, farm interiors, and furnishings throughout eastern Norway in the Rococo style. Aadnes in addition to painted portraits. Aadnes’s painting are often referred to as a transitional form in Norwegian painting, from more expected folk art and the additional Norwegian painting represented by Johan Christian Dahl.

Aadnes was a pioneering performer in the tradition of Dutch and German painters. His style paved the pretentiousness for the later conventional floral decorations and floral paintings known as rosemaling in villages in Norway, and afterward formed a backdrop for Norwegian Romantic nationalism. Because of Aadnes’s role between received Dutch and German Rococo, and in the middle of the extra Norwegian painting upon the one hand and expected floral paintings upon the other, he is sometimes referred to as the greatest Norwegian artist of the 1700s.

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