Who is Robert Owen?

Robert Owen (; 14 May 1771 – 17 November 1858) was a Welsh textile manufacturer, philanthropist and social reformer, and a founder of utopian socialism and the helpful movement. He made efforts to adjoin his factory’s energetic conditions, promoted experimental socialistic communities, and proposed a more collective get into to child rearing, including government direct of education. He gained large quantity in the early 1800s as an voyager and then manager of a textile mill at New Lanark, Scotland. He had trained initially as a draper in Stamford, Lincolnshire and worked in London previously relocating aged 18 to Manchester and textile manufacturing. In 1824, he moved to America and invested most of his fortune in an experimental socialistic community at New Harmony, Indiana, as a preliminary model for Owen’s Utopian society. It lasted approximately two years; other Owenite Utopian communities likewise failed. In 1828, Owen returned to London, where he continued to champion the keen class, lead the progress of cooperatives and the trade devotion movement, and withhold the path of child labour laws and forgive co-educational schools.

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