10 facts about Rodolfo Ceccotti

By Gwylym Owen

Rodolfo Ceccotti (born 1945 in Florence, Italy), where he lives and works as a painter and printmaker. After teaching in Carrara, he became a lecturer in Printmaking Techniques at the Fine Art Academy in Florence. Since 1996, he has as well as been Director of Studies at the Scuola Internazionale per la Grafica d’Arte Il Bisonte in Florence.

Self-taught, he has devoted himself to painting since he was a boy; decisive was the friendship taking into consideration the poets Gatto, and Gherardini Betocchi, Fiorentino Capocchini, Vignozzi, Caponi, Scatizzi and Tirinnanzi was instrumental. However, his ideal teachers have always been Constable Turner, Borrani, Sernesi, Fattori, Monet and Friedrich.

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