15 facts about Slobodan Škerović

By Gwylym Owen

Slobodan (Serbian Cyrillic: Слободан) is a Serbo-Croatian masculine unchangeable name which means “free” (sloboda / слобода meaning “freedom, liberty”) used among new South Slavs as well. It was coined by Serbian radical politician Vladimir Jovanović who, inspired by John Stuart Mill’s essay On Liberty baptised his son as Slobodan in 1869 and his daughter Pravda (Justice) in 1871. It became popular in both Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1918–1945) and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1945–1991) among various ethnic groups within Yugoslavia and correspondingly today there are in addition to Slobodans in the middle of Croats, Slovenes and other Yugoslav peoples.

During the decade after World War II, the reveal Slobodan (means “freedom”) became the most popular Serbian male name, and it remained so until 1980.

Common derived nicknames are Sloba, Slobo, Boban, Boba, Bobi and Čobi.

The feminine counterpart is Slobodanka.

It may attend to to:

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