Tatiana Baillayre: life and works

Tatiana “Tania” Baillayre (December 13, 1916 – January 1, 1991) was a Romanian artist.

The daughter of Auguste Baillayre and Lidia Arionescu-Baillayre [cy], both artists, she was born in Petrograd She studied painting at the teacher of art in Chișinău and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest. She afterward studied at the Sorbonne in Paris. Baillayre painted portraits, landscapes and still lifes. Her paintings were shown in society exhibitions in France and the Soviet Union. She decided in Bucharest in 1937 and had a number of solo exhibitions there. Her paintings were next included in exhibitions of Romanian art in China, the Soviet Union, Brazil, Sweden and Italy.

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She married painter Gheorghe Ceglokoff.

Baillayre died in Bucharest at the age of 74.

Her play-act is included in the deposit of the National Museum of Art of Romania as well as supplementary public and private collections.

Tatiana Baillayre, also known as Tania Baillayre or Balier, was the daughter of French painter August Baillayre (1879-1962), professor and director (1940-1941) of the Academy of Art in Chişinău.

He studied at the Faculty of Letters at the Sorbonne in Paris and next attended art courses at the Chisinau School of Fine Arts and the Academy of Arts in Bucharest where his professor was Jean Alexandru Steriadi and was awarded the 1940 Anastase Simu Award for Graphics.

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