Who is Virginia Barratt?

Virginia Barratt (born 1959) is an Australian researcher, artist, writer and performer. She is currently writing a PhD at Western Sydney University in the Writing and Society Centre. Her doctoral research focuses on panic, affect theory and deterritorialization, explored through performance, experimental writing, poetics and vocalities.[citation needed]

Born in the United Kingdom, from 1989 until 1991, Barratt worked as director of Australian Network for Art & Technology securing computers and software for artists at leading institutions and fostering discourse amid scholars of art and technology. Barratt has said, “This nice of admission was unprecedented, since computers were not personal and utterly not ubiquitous.”

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In 1990, Virginia Barratt attended the Second International Symposium on Electronic Art in Groningen, Netherlands along with further ANAT ambassadors.

Barratt was co-director of John Mills National next Adam Boyd. She is a founding devotee of the Queensland Artworkers Alliance, and a college for Sonic Research Initiative at York University.

She is a founding advocate of VNS Matrix, a gather together of cyberfeminists collaborating from 1991 until nearly 1997. Barratt has said: “The VNS Matrix emerged from the cyberswamp during a southern Australian summer circa 1991, on a mission to hijack the toys from technocowboys and remap cyberculture like a feminist bent.” VNS Matrix’s multimedia project, A Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century, became the first installment of Rhizome’s online exhibition Net Art Anthology on 27 October 2016.[citation needed]

In the late 1980s, she began interacting gone text-based virtual spaces, particularly upon LambdaMOO utilizing avatars

She has contributed to, among others, Banquet Press, Overland, TEXT – a biannual electronic refereed journal,Writing from Below,Spheres Journal for Digital Cultures with Francesca da Rimini (aka doll yoko),Cordite,Plinth Journal, Artlink Journal, AXON Journal in collaboration following Quinn Eades, and Offshoot: Contemporary Lifewriting Methodologies and Practice in Australasia. Her most recent works have been performed in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Sydney, Helsingør, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Performing Arts Forum (PAF) and the Sorbonne in France, Humboldt University and Kunsthaus KuLe in Berlin. Barratt privileges co-creation as a productive and resistant modality.[citation needed] She collaborates in an ongoing gift with Francesca da Rimini as In Her Interior.[citation needed]

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