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Maria Wilhelmina Krafft (married name Noreaus, 1778–1828) was a Swedish painter and portrait miniaturist. She was the daughter of the painter Per Krafft the Elder and Maria Vilhelmina Ekebom and the sister of the painter Per Krafft the Younger.

Wilhelmina Krafft was born in Stockholm. She and her brother acted as models for their father’s child portraits, a genre for which he was famous. One of these paintings portrays Per drawing and Wilhelmina at his feet in admiration (1783), and unorthodox depicts Wilhelmina alone praying (1782).

Wilhelmina and her brother studied art at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts, where her main university was Lorentz Svensson Sparrgren. In 1797, she debuted following her brother in the annual art exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm. Her behave and gift impressed and she was bejeweled with the academy’s second medal for her achievement at her first exhibition for her “beautiful prof. works in mignature”. In the once exhibition of 1798, she participated subsequently her native miniature portraits. She died in Norrköping.

Her style of painting has been described as Cool and icy and as such typically representative of the contemporary neoclassical empire art. She married the medical doctor Olof Noréus (1770–1846) and was the mommy of the painter Pamela Clementina Noraéus (1817–1892).

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