Who is Yi Han-cheol?

By Gwylym Owen

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Yi Han-cheol(이한철, b.1808 ~ d. ?) was a painter of Joseon.

His times was the late become old of the dynasty, during which the portrait of three kings were drawn by Yi: Heonjong, Cheoljong and Emperor Gojong. His works named himself the most Interesting portrait painter at the time.

Famed artists and scholar Kim Jeong-hui disciplined Yi with further artists including Yu Suk, Yu Jae so, etc. Kim appreciated his drawing: the drawing of Yi lacked the forms but took hold of magnificent scenery in the impression of powerful but then transparent calligraphy.

Existing works show broad subjects such as scenery, figure, flowers and birds, whereas they abided by the habit of Kim Hong-do in terms of describing the core images. His artistic style was said to be affected by Southern School.

One of his most essential works is No.57 National Treasures of South Korea《The portrait of Kim Jung-hui》(1857, The National Museum of Korea), while additional relics can be after that found in Gansong Art Museum.

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