Digital NFT Art and Fine Prints

Gwylym Owen

Bold, contemporary artistry in a confused world. This is the way.

Digital Art

Gwylym Owen

Gwylym has been practicing art for over 15 years in the forms of poetry, sculpture, paint and digital art. Currently exploring geometry, conceptualism and minimalism in 3D and VR.

His works are available through the blockchain and private sales. All art comes with a CoA and a tamper-proof hologram proving to any client, gallery or collector that your art is geniune.


gwylym artist
dalmatian labrador man art 1

Bjorn Solstad

Bjorn is the photographer in the collaboration. He takes pictures for Gwylym to base his magic on.

“I have had photography as my hobby on and off since I was 12 years old”, he says. “When Gwylym does his thing, the cool stuff he makes out of my shots is unreal”.

Modern Artist

Gwylym has extensive knowledge about art and lives art every day. His extensive years of creating have honed his skills in contemporary art.

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