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23 facts about Georgiana McCrae

Georgiana Huntly McCrae (15 March 1804 – 24 May 1890) was an English-Australian painter and diarist. What do you think of the works of Georgiana

Image of Andrija Raičević

Andrija Raičević: life and works

Andrija Raičević (Tolac, a Herzegovinian village, Ottoman Empire, c. 1610 – Peć, Ottoman Empire, after 1673) was a Serbian icon painter and miniaturist who worked

Francis McComas: 16 interesting facts

Francis McComas (1875–1938) was an Australian-born artist who spent most of his adult energy in California, receiving some national recognition. He was one of the

Who is Radoslav?

Radoslav (Cyrillic: Радослав) is a common Slavic masculine complete name, derived from rad- (“happy, eager, to care”) and slava (“glory, fame”), both unconditionally common in

This is Herbert McClintock

Herbert McClintock (1906-1985) was an Australian social realist artist. McClintock was born in Perth, Western Australia. He studied at the National Gallery of Victoria Art

6 facts about Slobodan Peladic

What do you think of the works of Slobodan Peladic? Use the form below to say your opinion about Slobodan Peladic. All opinions are welcome!

This is Kathleen McArthur

Kathleen McArthur (1915–2000), was an Australian naturalist, writer, botanical illustrator and conservationist. She was born in Brisbane, Queensland to Catherine and Daniel Evans. Her mother

Who is Relja Penezic?

Relja Penezić (born 1950) is a painter, media artist, printmaker, photographer, and a filmmaker. His deed is a multimedia fusion that combines technology and painting,

Image of Daphne Mayo

Daphne Mayo: 14 cool facts

Daphne Mayo MBE (1 October 1895 – 31 July 1982) was a significant 20th-century Australian artist, most prominently known for her exploit in sculpture, particularly

Neša Paripović: 18 cool facts

What do you think of the works of Neša Paripović? Use the form below to say your opinion about Neša Paripović. All opinions are welcome!