Broken Hearts and Shattered Illusions

Title: Broken Hearts and Shattered Illusions

Size: 90cm width x 60cm height.

Medium: Digital NFT + Original Signed Print.

Number available: 1 of 1.

Broken Hearts and Shattered Illusions is an artwork that tells a story. Seventy-nine percent of Americans say they have had their heart broken at some point by a relationship that didn’t work out.

Below is a letter to an ex from someone who was facing up to the challenges of mending a broken heart.

“He said something that resonated deeply and did help. He said, you are fixating on all of the things you thought represented that person and it isn’t real, it is coming from inside yourself based on your thoughts, feelings, insecurities and everything that you had imagined that person to be. The fact is your ex is just an illusion based on these things that you have projected onto them and they will never be able to fulfill those things that you had imagined them to be. You ex is an illusion.

I think that is pretty true and why I am so angry at you, its because I am realizing these things were never true and I just created them in my mind and projected them onto you like you were some type of God that fulfilled everything in me.

I ‘m also grieving for the life I’d also imagined as we grew old together etc. and that was also never true. I kept thinking that the universe had messed up and would make it straight and one day we’d get back together, also an illusion. It was stopping me coming to terms with everything.

You can never be the illusion of you I created in my mind, you are a human and full of errors and fuck-ups like any other human. I shouldn’t be angry at you for any of this, I should look inside me and try to build the character traits I admired in this illusion of you that I had created. Nobody can save anyone from themselves and that is what I will have to do.

I had a dream about a girl earlier and we kissed for the first time and I had all of those lovely feelings you get in a new relationship. I realized that this illusion I’d created of you could be replaced by any person and that they also won’t be a God that solves all my problems and makes me feel safe. It will just be the same illusion and that illusion would possibly end too eventually because it is almost impossible to sustain that illusion for a lifetime. But it was also liberating to know that I could feel that way again. Funny how everything you think ultimately starts and ends with yourself.

There is no us, never has been and never will be. There is just the abyss of my own mind staring back at me with no safety net of the illusions I’d used previously to avoid looking into that abyss. It’s painful, scary, terrifying, massive and seemingly endless, but today, I have more understanding about myself than I did yesterday and tomorrow I will have more understanding than today. Pain is the best teacher when you look inside instead of project outwards to emblems like exes that never really existed.

You’re not a bad person, you are just a person. You never created my illusion about you, I did and that’s not your fault. I’m pretty sure that whatever illusions you’d created of me were also shattered at some point and that’s why you finished the relationship. I think you are also facing the abyss of your mind and it must be difficult like it is difficult for me. You were probably a lot braver than me and did what you had to do.

I’d say that I forgive you for breaking my heart, but there is nothing to forgive. I wish you well in the future and hope that you find your bliss.”

If you’re going through a breakup right now or have been stuck in the past after a breakup, now is a good time to read this letter and absorb the content until you understand it. You haven’t come to an end in your life, you are only at the beginning of something greater. Let the illusions go and find your bliss within yourself. It isn’t easy but it is essential for your well-being and survival. It’s time to thrive and you can do it!