Metaverse is Gwylym’s representation of what a metaverse without the interface to our reality might look like.

The underlying reality of our existence can never really be known because we use an interface between what we perceive as reality and what reality actually is. This is true for the physical world too, but is more obvious when we look deeper into metaverses.

Our brains optimize for survival and evolution of that survival instinct which allows us to adapt as a species. Imagine sending an email if you will. If we considered the underlying reality of what makes it possible to send that email we’d never actually send the email. Perceiving all of the wires and electrical signals etc. that make up that email aren’t useful to us when we’re sending an email. It is the interface of that email that makes it possible to send that email.

The underlying reality that we live in is similar to that email interface. Understanding the complexity of this underlying reality is useless for our survival and therefore can never really be truly known. When we look at these concepts in terms of metaverses it gives us an opportunity to glimpse what that underlying reality is in more concrete terms.

Are we just brains in a jar? What do you think? Is everything a simulation whether in physical reality or metaverses? This artwork seeks to ask questions rather than answer them.