richard mille watch art purple
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Richard Mille Watch Purple Fantasy

$ 18,900.00

Richard Mille’s story and vision for his watches is inspirational. Gwylym is focused on highlighting inspirational people and brands in his artwork and enjoys creating Richard Mille inspired watch art . This artwork is titled Purple Fantasy.

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Title: Richard Mille Watch Purple Fantasy

Size: 80cm width x 80cm height.

Medium: Digital NFT + Original Signed Print.

Number available: 1 of 1.

Inspiration: As you may know Gwylym is into watches and time. He expands on his horological inspiration in his blog posts. Richard Mille’s story and vision for his watches has made the brand into one of Gwylym’s favourites. He enjoys creating Richard Mille inspired watch art and this one titled Purple Fantasy is no exception! If you like Richard Mille watches, you’ll no doubt absolutely love this artwork.

Who is Richard Mille?

Richard Mille is the man behind the brand. He started his career in the French watchmaker Finhor in the 1970s. Richard Mille eventually took on a managerial role in the chronometer division of Matra – a jeweller which bought out Finhor in 1981. Later in his career he moved to the jeweller Mauboussin to help setup their watch business. Despite holding prestigious positions at this company, the Frenchman was always looking for the next challenge. Using his vast knowledge he founded Richard Mille SA, in 1999 alongside Swiss manufacturer Audemars Piguet. The company would become one of the largest luxury brands over the next 20 years.

90 Days Guarantee

Buying art online can be a daunting process and it is our aim to make it an easy decision to make. If for any reason you decide that you aren’t happy with the art you receive or you simply change your mind within the first 90 days, we will be happy to give you a full refund (see our returns policy for more information).

Creative Process

Bjorn works with Gwylym to decide the subject of the artwork. In some cases Bjorn takes the photo according to what they have both decided. In other case Gwylym sources existing images.

The base photo is run through one or several Artificially Intelligent Neural Networks to combine layers with other textures chosen by Gwylym. Gwylym changes the computer code in the Neural Network to create recipes of different weights and number of layers. The art is then edited in various ways by Gwylym until he is happy with his artistic vision.


We work with professional printing companies to ensure the quality of our artwork. It should be mentioned that depending on your screen type and calibration the delivered art may differ slightly to what you see on your screen.

Artwork care

We use UV-resistant inks but you should always be careful where you hang your art so as to keep the art safe. Try to avoid direct sunlight–this is the same for all art that you collect.


We take special care to ensure that your original artwork reaches you in perfect condition by using the correct packaging and reliable shipping courier. However, if something goes wrong, please let us know and we will be happy to help (see our shipping policy for more information).


The art will be printed using the finest quality inks and canvas and signed by the artist. A certificate of authenticity will be shipped with the artwork.


The NFT (Non Fungible Token) will be minted on a blockchain and ownership transferred to the buyer. A secure link will be sent to the buyer upon receipt of payment.

NFT minting explained.