Seok Cheoljoo: 13 cool facts

By Gwylym Owen

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Seok Cheoljoo or Suk Chul-Joo (born August 21, 1950) is a South Korean painter and professor. He studied oriental painting in Chugye University for the Arts and art education in the graduate moot of Dongguk University. He is now a professor in Chugye University for the Arts.

He started to learn how to glamor from Famous artist Lee Sang-beom with he was 16 years old, but did not enter college circles at the age of 27. Since he started upper education quite late, he started to learn how to describe and charisma different kinds of paintings such as figures and still-life objects. His nickname is “the player of jar” since his works largely used jars in his drawings.

According to the National Arts Institute of Korea, he is said to augment oriental drawings with broadminded materials such as acrylic paints. Recently, he expanded his reputation by re-interpreting 15c drawing of Ahn Gyeon.

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