Who Is Woke Now?

Title: Who Is Woke Now?

Size: 120cm width x 80cm height.

Medium: Digital NFT + Original Signed Print.

Number available: 1 of 1.

Who Is Woke Now is a mixture of contemporary and medieval art combined to provoke questions about modernity in all of its wokeness. The court jester is based on a medieval fresco recently discovered in France, after being painted over in the 18th century. There are questions here about everything from morality to the continuation of humanity.

What questions does it raise with you? Are these conversations that are worth having or not? Are you offended and why?

Google says that the definition of wokeness is being awake to injustice in society. What does woke mean to you?

Maybe you love this artwork and are asking yourself “what’s the problem here?” I want to hear from all types of people with different opinions. It seems that the artists of the medieval era in Europe were quite “woke” themselves and not that much has changed, or has it?