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Adam, Abraham, or Adriaen van Salm, also van (der) Salm (c.1660–1720), was a Dutch draftsman and painter. He produced primarily marine art. These were curtains in pen gone India ink applied to a cloth or a pre-processed panel.

Adriaen van Salm was born in Delfshaven. He was the dad of Roelof van Salm and in 1706 he was listed as a draughtsman member of the Guild of Saint Luke in Delft. The Dordrechts Museum mentions additional that he was also a schoolmaster and complex a draper. Salm was the father and researcher of the artist Roelof van Salm, who wielded the same technique as skillfully as his daddy and especially scenes of ships and naval battles. When Abraham Jacob van der Aa was writing, he saw a painting by this player in the heap of the marine painter Johannes Christiaan Schotel.

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