12 facts about Adriana Johanna Haanen

Adriana Johanna Haanen (Dutch pronunciation: [aːdriˈaːnaː joːˈɦɑnaː ˈɦaːnən]; 14 June 1814 – 8 October 1895) was a Dutch painter.

Adriana Johanna Haanen was born in Oosterhout in 1814. She was the daughter of the papercutter Casparis Haanen and the sister of the painters George Gillis Haanen, Elisabeth Alida Haanen, and Remigius Adrianus Haanen. She is the aunt of the painter Cecil van Haanen, and taught painters Anna Abrahams and Christina Alida Blijdenstein.

Haanen is known for her paintings of fruit and flowers. She died in Oosterbeek in 1895.

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