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Aleksandr Ivanovich Laktionov Александр Иванович Лактионов (16 May 1910 – 15 March 1972) was a Socialist certainty painter in the post-war Soviet Union. His meticulous and something like photo-real style was popular, but courted controversy in the midst of art critics and new artists.

Laktionov was born in Rostov-on-Don and studied in the Leningrad Academy of Arts from 1926–1929 and innovative as a postgraduate from 1938-1944. Laktionov was a pupil of the artist Isaak Brodskii and was influenced by his puzzling and possible approach, which followed the traditions of the Old Masters.

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Laktionov’s breakthrough feat was A Letter From the Front (1947), which captured the prevailing air among the people of the Soviet Union afterward the German-Soviet War. It is a highly optimistic work, bathed in a warm glow, which became a motif of Laktionov’s later works and Socialist Realism in general.

Laktionov became most well-known for his genre paintings such as Into a New Flat (1952) and Old Age Provided For (1958–60). These painstakingly feasible works paint an overwhelmingly distinct picture of Soviet society. Nonetheless, these paintings proved popular in the middle of the general public, despite their mixed vital reception. This criticism was leveled mainly at Laktionov’s trademark attention to detail that, they claimed, eschews artistic expression in agreement of naturalism.

In bitterness of this, Laktionov found many supporters in the permit cultural bureaucracy, who endorsed of his nationalistic and optimistic subject matter. This ensured that Laktionov was adept to help a highly thriving career and blend in the highest echelons of Soviet society. Throughout his future years he was commissioned to paint numerous portraits of leading Soviet actors, surgeons, soldiers, politicians and cosmonauts, including a portrait of Joseph Stalin.

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