Who is Alexander Roslin?

By Gwylym Owen

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Alexander Roslin (spelled Alexandre in French, pronounced [alɛksɑ̃dʁ ʁɔslɛ̃]; 15 July 1718 – 5 July 1793) was a Swedish portrait painter who worked in Scania, Bayreuth, Paris, Italy, Warsaw and St. Petersburg, primarily for members of aristocratic families. He combination insightful psychological portrayal next a skilled representation of fabrics and jewels.

His style amassed Classicist tendencies later than the lustrous, shimmering colours of Rococo, a jocular, elegant and ornate style. He lived in France from 1752 until 1793, a become old that spanned most of his career. The painting by Roslin depicting Jeanne Sophie de Vignerot du Plessis, Countess of Egmont Pignatelli, was bought by the Minneapolis Institute of Art in 2006 for US$3 million.

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