Who is Alexandre de Riquer?

Alexandre de Riquer i Ynglada, 7th Count of Casa Dávalos (Catalan pronunciation: [ələkˈsandɾə ðə riˈke]) (Born 3 May 1856 – 13 November 1920), was a versatile artist intellectual and Catalan designer, illustrator, painter, engraver, writer and poet. He was one of the leading figures of Modernisme in Catalonia. He belonged to an aristocratic family, the Counts of Casa Dávalos. His father, Martí de Riquer, Marquis of Benavent, was a senior leader of the Carlist of Catalonia, while his mother, Elisea Ynglada, belonged to a intimates of intellectuals and artists (including writers such as Joseph and Wifred Coroleu and painter Ricard Modest Urgell).

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In 1885, he was married to Dolors Palau Gonzalez de Quijano. “Between 1886 and 1898 he fathered nine children (three of whom died in infancy) and it was this liability with its attendant economic pressures which doubtless gave added, even urgent stimulus to Riquer’s professional dedication.”

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