Anatoliy Nasedkin: 13 interesting facts

Anatoliy Nasiedkin (Russian: Анотолий Леонидович Наседкин; Ukrainian: Анатолій Леонідович Насєдкін); 22 April 1924, in Veliky Novgorod – 26 July 1994, in Kharkiv) was a Soviet Ukrainian painter. He graduated from the Kharkiv Institute of Arts in 1951. His literary was Mykhail Deregus. In 1985 was awarded the Shevchenko National Prize.

The roots of his art come from Russian and Ukrainian culture that cannot be on bad terms by acknowledge borders. He was born in the ancient Russian lands of Veliky Novgorod, and almost anything his enthusiasm he spent in Ukraine, in Kharkiv. Anatoly Nasedkin absorbed his childish adore for his native countryside, green meadows and birch woods, winding shores of the Lake Ilmen and the River Seversky Donets.

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“Happiness is considering people understand you, when you realize that your show is consonant bearing in mind the time …” (A.L. Nasedkin)

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