Andries Cornelis Lens: 11 interesting facts

Andries Cornelis Lens or André Corneille Lens (Antwerp, 31 March 1739 – Brussels, 30 March 1822) was a Flemish painter, illustrator, art theoretician and art educator. He is known for his history paintings of biblical and mythological subjects and portraits. Wishing to contribute to the revival of painting in Flanders, he took his inspiration from the classical traditions of the 16th century and drew inspiration from Raphael. He was consequently a advocate of Neoclassicism in Flemish art. He was a intellectual and director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp. Lens was court painter to the governor-general of the Austrian Netherlands and approved in Brussels where he married. Lens was as a consequence a writer and historian who published an illustrated sticker album which discussed the costumes, ornaments and furnishings of the various people in Antiquity and another LP setting out his art theories.

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