Andrzej Stech: life and works

Andreas Stech (September 9, 1635 – January 12, 1697) was a Baroque painter.

Stech was born in Stolp (Słupsk), the son of Heinrich Stech a painter from Lübeck. He was of Lutheran faith. In 1636, together afterward his intimates he moved to Danzig (Gdańsk). It is maybe that he was taught by his father; from 1653, by his father-in-law Adolf Boy (1612-1683). In 1658, he married the widow of the painter August Ranisch. After the death of his first wife, he married Adelgunde, the daughter of Nicias Wulf. He had five children from his first marriage, and four from his second. In 1662, he became the Master Artisan on the basis of his artwork: The Calling of St. Andrew and Croesus throwing himself in the fire. In 1667, he usual Danzig citizenship. In 1673, he became a juror. From 1677, he worked for King John III Sobieski of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. His brother was next a painter.

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