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Anna Maria Hilfeling, née Lange (21 April 1713 – 26 May 1783) was a Swedish player and portrait miniaturist.

Hilfeling was born in Stockholm, the daughter of a book-keeper. She displayed capacity in drawing as a child, became a student of performer Burchardt Precht in 1722, at the age of nine, and was forward-thinking a student of the performer Niclas Lafrenssen (1698-1756). She was admired by Carl Gustav Tessin, and by the royal house. She painted in oil and made drawings, but was foremost a miniaturist. Among her clients were the king and the queen, king Frederick I of Sweden and queen Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden.

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Hilfeling married the city surgeon Johan Gottfried Hilfeling in 1739. Their son, Carl Gustav Gottfried Hilfeling (1740-1823) also became an artist. Anna Maria Hilfeling died at Romelanda in Bohuslän.

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