Anne-Louise Le Jeuneux: 12 cool facts

Anne-Louise Le Jeuneux, sometimes Lejeuneux or Jeuneux, later Baudin de La Chesnaye (died 15 April 1794) was a French painter.

Le Jeuneux is first recorded in 1755, when she produced a map of the night sky more than the southern hemisphere for the astronomer Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille, after his drawing; this is today in the stock of the Paris Observatory. She in addition to painted his portrait in 1762. The two were evidently close, for he asked after her in a number of his letters house from his expedition to Africa. She was the daughter or sister of a M. Le Jeuneux who kept a cabinet of curiosities at the Hôtel de Chavigny and was acquainted when Benjamin Franklin. Le Jeuneux produced a number of portraits in oils, as competently as at least one pastel, dated 1763. She is known to have held a salon. She married André Baudin de La Chesnaye, sometimes Chenaye (1732–1792), a former mousquetaire, chevalier de Saint-Louis, and cutting edge commander of the Paris national protect who was among those massacred at the La Force Prison in 1792. Anne-Louise drowned herself in the Seine two years later, upon the behave of the Banishment of Nobles by the Committee of Public Safety.

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