Who is Arthur Sachs?

Arthur Sachs (1953 – 2007) was a Swedish-Spanish neo-impressionist painter.

Arthur Sachs was born in Sweden in 1953. He lived the first half of his alive in Sweden. After 30 years he moved to Spain and lived there until his death. The player is known for large series of paintings of Swedish divas and Spanish flamenco dancers.

Arthur Sachs died in Spain in 2007 at the age of 54.

A distinctive feature of the performer is that he captures exactly the body positions of the dancers as well as profound dance movements. His most famous painting from this series is “Flamenco Dancer”. In this painting Arthur Sachs proficiently reproduces the hand position, curvature of the spine and head turning characteristic of this dance.

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The color Plan of his paintings while living in Sweden was cold, as a reflection of the northern lights. After distressing to Spain his palette becomes much warmer and the paintings become saturated considering color.

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