Who is Bartolomeo Gennari?

Bartolomeo Gennari (10 July 1594 – 29 January 1661) was an Italian Renaissance painter.

Son of the painter Benedetto Gennari and Giulia Bovi, his baptism is recorded in the collegiate church of San Biagio in Cento, Io Ercole Dondini Arciprete etc. ho battizato Bertolomio filiolo di M. Benedetto Genari et la Consorte Mad. Julia Buovi, et fu tenuto da M. Agustino di Faci et la Comar Mad. Jacoma Burgnona li 10 de Julio 1594. Together taking into consideration his younger brother Ercole Gennari (1597-1658) he was a lifetime partner of Guercino, of which he copied several works.

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His style puts him in the Bolognese School of painting.

Among his works are Saint Thomas, formerly in the church of the Most Holy Rosary of Hundred and now in the Pinacoteca of the town. He has along with painted Madonna and Child gone St. Felix of Cantalice, preserved in the Pinacoteca Comunale di Cesena. The painting St. John the Evangelist Preaches to his Disciples is in the church of San Filippo Neri. Among his students was the Forlì painter Giuseppe Maria Galleppini. He died in Bologna and was buried in the church of San Nicolò of Bologna Albari.

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